About the Author

Dawn Thomas-Cameron is a parent and full-time breadwinner for her family. In her “real” life, Dawn works in Information Technology as a Systems Analyst (like a Programmer but with more meetings). She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. She currently resides in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada) with her children.

As a (non) perfect parent of three children ranging in age from three years to 23 years, Dawn is still continuing her journey along her Path to Perfection. With such a variety of ages in her children, Dawn’s parenting method morphed and changed over time. There are no official awards for being a parent; but the unofficial ones are plentiful–like watching your children grow into responsible, caring, empathetic adults.

Editor of The Art of Being Alive (written by her late husband, Jason Cameron), Dawn has written various short stories, articles, blog articles and is currently the editor of The Busy Signal, Unifor Local 1-S’s newsletter. She won an award with Young People’s Press for her short story, Fleeing Gerald.

This book (the first—and assuredly not the last—Dawn has published) is the culmination of 23 years of experience as a parent, experience in communication and leadership skills (courtesy Toastmasters) and past writing on a variety of topics.